This book brings the power of true love, strength and hope. 

The book details the life of the author’s father, Earl, whom the author considers a Hero.

 He was a navy man who fought during the second world war as a war veteran. 

He also suffered from mental illness but he was able to come out victorious from the battles of life.

The book also talks about a woman named Snowe, who is the author’s mother, who is like an angel, and her father, a hero, as well as the author’s personal life.

They struggled and ultimately became heroes under the dictatorship of Hitler, they also had to fight Nazism and were among the generation that brought freedom.

These individuals were Christians and even though they suffered through depressing times, their faith, love and hope stood them in good stead and gave them joy despite facing daunting challenges and difficulties, their faith in Jesus and love for each other did not waver.

The book takes a deep look at the after- effects and toll of war on humans, as well as the struggles for a healthy life free from mental illness.

 It describes the family bonding as the author reminisces about her mother and father, whom she considers a fighter as well as a testament of God’s eternal love, strength and protection over His children.

 An inspiring memoir that portray the hardship and achievements of authors parents during world war 2

Reading the book gives nice inspiration about the endurance and preservation against the hardship put forth in front of her parents by the ongoing world war 2. The book also highlights how the faith gives power to walk the path though these tough times.

Love, God, and Family first 

Thank you Brenda for your story, your life, and your journey. You novel reminds us all that God is in all things and his son saved us all. You parents are what we hope mothers and should inspire to. A beautiful masterpiece of American literature!!