Social media promotion for books - $30/day

What you will get in book promotion?

Engaging Graphic Image of your book

We will create an engaging graphic image of your book for the social media promotion. We create images that drive more engagement thus driving more sales.

12 Facebook posts to 100K Followers

We post your book on 12 Facebook pages to more than 100K followers. We post your book with enaging image to get more social shares and engagement.

10 Tweets to 100K Followers

We will tweets 10 times per day to more than 100K followers about your book. We will use amazing graphic image to give your book more exposure and sales.

Post on 5 Linkedin pages to 25K Followers

We will post on 5 Linkedin pages about your book to more than 25K followers to increase your book sales.

Pricing - $30/day social media promotion

Pricing for Book promotion on our social media platforms is $30 per day. You get promotion on 21 social media platforms to more than 200000 followers  per day. You can select the number of days (Max Р5 days) for promotion according to your needs.

Here is how you sign up and get social media promotion for your Book. 


Name & Email

Fill the name and email of the author.


Book Title

Fill the Book Title you want to promote.


Link of the Book

Fill the link of the Book you want to promote. Link where you are selling your book , for example Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords etc.


Date of Promotion

Select the date you want the social media promotion of your book to begin.


No. of Days for promotion

Select the number of days you want to run the promotion. Price for 1 Day promo is $30. 


Additional Info

Tell us if there is any additional information about the promotion. For example if your book is free on the selected dates.

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